About Us

Helping People Achieve

HPA has been a long-term provider of disability support services and supported employment within the Darwin Region since 1963. We continue to support people living with a disability through delivering outreach services, providing affordable accommodation and creating job opportunities through supported employment. HPA is a registered NDIS provider and operates under the National Disability Service Standards. The Standards govern and define our service delivery policy and person centred approach to support people with a disability.

When you do business with HPA you are supporting Local Territorians living with a disability and buying high-quality products which makes a REAL difference to their lives.

Every day we are fully committed to inspire and empower people living with a disability in our supported employment, social supports and accommodation. We inspire and empower by developing their confidence, independence and daily living skills through the work we do to enable them to lead a fulfilling everyday life in a world where there are no barriers.

Our mission statement

HPA will assist people with disabilities to create a fulfilling everyday life and achieve their full potential. We are a committed and innovative employer and through the successful operation of our core businesses, HPA will provide opportunity for the development of its greatest asset, its people.

HPA’s mission for our employment services is to benefit individuals and the community through the creation and development of employment opportunities for people with disabilities, in integrated settings and provide them with the training and ongoing support necessary to enable their success in ‘open employment’. Secondary to this have been a HPA vision and mission to attain maximum, ongoing viability and financial independence for the organisation.

When you do business with HPA you are not only supporting local Territorians with disabilities but more importantly buying a high quality product and more making a REAL difference at the same time.

Every day we are fully committed to inspire and empower people with disabilities, supporting our employees and residents as they develop confidence, independence and learn life skills to lead a fulfilling everyday life in a world where there are no barriers.

Our Strategic Plan

Supported Services

Our supported services will transform as we progress these services (day program, outreach and coordination services).


Our supported employment services will grow with greater diversity and new ventures to enable more people with disability to enjoy the sense of achievement and belonging that comes with meaningful employment and training.


Our accommodation arm will grow to enable more people to enjoy independent living and supported independent living.

HPA 2022

Workforce Strategy

Business Outcomes

Financial Sustainability

Quality improvement and Client Satisfaction